Monday, June 7, 2010

Chapter 9 - You're Gonna Love My Nut

I have a tradition of making things up as I go.  The nut was no different.

I took the truss rod cover off, and removed the old nut.  I lined up the new locking nut.  Perfect width, but....

Two problems.  One, the slanted headstock did not leave a big enough shelf for the nut.  Two, the string valleys were below the surface of the fretboard, which meant it was going to be difficult to rout down to get a shelf wide enough, and then build it back up so it would string properly.

Solution?  Picks!

I cut up a couple old picks, and fastened them down with E6000 Industrial Strength glue.  I checked the nut again, and it not only had a proper shelf now, it was at the right height.  So, I could drill to install the locking nut.

I counter-sunk the holes on the back to recess the bolts.  Now I had the nut firmly in place at the right height.  And Frankie had bolts in his neck.  Everything was right in the world.

All I had to do was trim away the extra picks sticking out the side of the nut.  Time for re-build.

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