Monday, June 7, 2010

Chapter 10 - He's Alive! HE'S ALIVE!!!

Home stretch time.  Let's get this sucker back together again.

I started with the posts.  Since I had routed down, I needed slightly deeper holes for the posts.  I drilled down to 1/8".   After installing the posts *almost* all the way, I checked the body for level and then the posts to see if they were at the same height.

Yes, I know they are adjustable, but I wanted to start them off in life equally.  Then it was on to wiring.

Once I had everything soldered (I hate soldering - Bud Light helps me get through it *grin*), I plugged it into an amp and checked to make sure it all worked the way it was supposed to.  *phew*.

I could now shoe-horn the wiring back in.  Ibanez 'Quality Inspected' (LOL).

The re-assembly was pretty easy from there.  I used the Ibanez spring claw, since the one supplied with the Floyd Rose didn't fit very well.   Set up of the Floyd Rose is documented several places on the web, so you don't need me to repeat the instructions.  

But here's the key thing - something I learned many years ago setting up my Strat:  get the spring/string tension correctly balanced so it floats level.

And there you have it - a custom, 2008 Ibanez Gio 170DX 

2010 Frankanez Original

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